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HTA welcomes NHSBT 3-for-1 living donor transplant scheme

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12 March 2015

The Human Tissue Authority (HTA) welcomes NHS Blood and Transplant’s introduction of their 3-for-1 living donor transplant scheme, launched today on World Kidney Day. This innovative strategy aims to increase the number of donations possible starting from one altruistic donor.

For 10 years the HTA has had a key role in assessing cases of living organ donation, so that more people can benefit from a living-donor transplant. The HTA's living organ donation assessment process is flexible enough to accommodate new practices of matching donors and recipients, while protecting the donor’s right to consent.

Last year the HTA approved 1234 living kidney donations, with 135 of these from altruistic kidney donors.

HTA Chief Executive Alan Clamp said: "We welcome this innovation in matching organ donors and recipients. Today’s development will mean that people making the generous gift of altruistic donation can potentially make an even greater contribution to the lives of those awaiting an organ transplant.

"The Human Tissue Authority continues to protect a living organ donor’s right to consent freely; this is central to our role and will not change. But we are also adaptable to such innovations and expect 3-for-1 living donations to integrate seamlessly into our assessment process."

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Last updated on: 31 Mar 2015